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The Perils of a Volatile Stock Market

                        The emotions of investing have destroyed far more potential investment return than the economics of investing have ever dreamed of destroying.                           ~John Bogle Founder, Vanguard Group   If you’ve been […]

What I Wrote In Chapter 3 of Retire Reset!

  by M. Nahum Daniels   If you’ve been wondering about the book I wrote, RETIRE RESET!, we are publishing some excerpts right here on our blog so that you can learn more. Along the way, you will learn why our firm, Integrated Retirement Advisors, was founded: we’re on a mission to help people with […]

Nahum Daniels Joins Jon Dwoskin On His “Think Business” Podcast

  Nahum Daniels was interviewed recently by Jon Dwoskin on his THINK BUSINESS* podcast. You can listen to the entire podcast here:  THINK BUSINESS* is Jon Dowskin’s 1:1 in-depth and soulful conversations with executives, managers and sales people who are making a difference in their companies, communities and in themselves. ————————————————————————————————————————————– Here are a […]

Rethinking Your Retirement Investing To Hedge Against A Market Downturn

  Rethinking Your Retirement Investing To Hedge Against A Market Downturn Studies show most Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. A recently-released World Economic Forum report warned that most retirees risk running out of money as much as a decade before death. And the anxiety of being ill-prepared for the golden years can grow when […]

How An FIA Can Replace Bonds As Your Hedge Against Volatile Rates

  How An FIA Can Replace Bonds As Your Hedge Against Volatile Rates Interest rates heading to zero or below in the United States, following the pattern set in Europe and Japan, will only make it harder for most nest eggs to do their job. They could also foreshadow low returns across most major asset […]

Retirement Guidelines for Millennials

Millennials looking to retire at age 65 have thirty to forty years to prepare and another thirty to forty years to provide for.  Here are some guidelines we use in our practice:   Acquire discipline: set aside 10% of disposable income to the retirement nest egg. Open your eyes:  Retirement investing is intended to ultimately […]

The Solo 401k

  The solo 401k is ideally suited for successful Millennials setting themselves up as single-employee businesses making enough money in the “gig” economy to start thinking seriously about tax-advantaged saving for retirement. The 2019 maximum deductible contribution of $56,000, possibly doubled by a contribution for an eligible spouse working in the business—no matter the ages […]

What Is An Annuity?

An annuity is first and foremost a stream of payments.  For most retirees, the payor is an insurance company.  Properly regulated, an insurer can “guarantee” the payments it promises; in fact, if an insurer gets into trouble, annuitants in payout status are considered senior creditors, i.e., they get paid first—even before the rent. Annuities can […]

Retiring at 45, the opportunities and the pitfalls

    Even retiring in our mid-sixties today poses unaccustomed challenges revolving around our unprecedented longevity–the increasing odds that we might live deep into our mid-90s or even beyond–and our psychological tendency to electively compromise our lifestyles once we stop earning income out of fear of spending too much too soon and running out of […]

Retirement Investing For Entrepreneurs

  Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature; most swing for the fences in their chosen enterprises.  Most fail once or twice before succeeding.  Many businesses fail even AFTER having succeeded. Retirement savings need to be approached differently.  The retirement nest egg should be fed starting as early as possible and should be focused on steady […]