Retirement Readiness

If you are in or near retirement, the economic upheaval known as the Global Financial Crisis couldn’t have come at a worse time. Making money last for thirty years or more is not easy for individual investors or professional money managers. In this age of financial repression, it’s simply hard to make money on your money, no matter how much you may have.

Then there’s volatility and bad timing; losses can knock any portfolio for a loop and send the plan it supports reeling. That’s when an advisor may tell you to tighten your belt until your portfolio recovers, which won’t be easy when you’re living off it. In addition to depressed returns, your retirement coincides with a “new normal” of uncertainty. Who knows what “tail risk” and “black swan” events may disrupt the best-laid plans?

The years 2000-2010 proved to be a “lost decade” when many traditional investment strategies failed. So while “financial repression” starves you by driving returns to near zero or even less, risk-on markets may well scare you off. With interest rates at historic lows and equity markets at historic highs, some valuation measures warn of possible danger ahead. We believe retirees should consider retooling to better prepare for all possible contingencies.

Bottom line, ask yourself if you can preserve your retirement assets and still get the performance you need from them to meet your goals? We believe you can. And we invite you to let us show you how.