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The 30-Day Retirement Rescue Workshop 
Hosted by Nahum Daniels CFP®, RICP®
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At this webinar, I will reveal...
Why you need to calculate your nest egg CORE and mathematically determine your “hurdle rate,”  the specific rate of return you need to sustain your lifestyle come hell or high water (this is about bulls-by-the-horns planning, not about guesswork or blindly hoping things will work out;) ..
The safest way to avoid running out of money when you need it the most.  Pitfalls are everywhere … and mismanaging retirement withdrawals, not using defensive diversification, or not incorporating newly available financial tools...can hobble your nest egg and undermine the best-laid plan.
Why you must balance safety AND growth by introducing tactical upgrades to your portfolio, like tax-deferred life insurance and annuity contracts, buffered ETFs, Structured Notes and other financial INNOVATIONS that used to be the exclusive property of ultra-high-net-worth investors.
How NOT to get fleeced by plaintiff’s attorneys, or the new tax laws, or by withdrawal penalties, or usurious fees and, worst of all, by ignorance or procrastination..when there are elegant solutions here waiting for you to adopt…
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