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MONEY MATTERS (Podcast): Retire Reset

Certified Financial Planner Nahum Daniels explores his portfolio ideas with host Chris Hinsley; a deep dive into the topic of retirement risks and the latest thinking about managing them successfully.   Explains his purpose in writing his book to inform retirees and their advisors about the latest research and findings in retirement dynamics.  Portfolio focus shifts from growth to yield and lifelong income.  Personal nest egg, retirement wealth, must be invested accordingly. Inflation is a major drag on purchasing power.

OUR LIVES: The Retirement Crisis among Minorities in particular, especially in Connecticut

Certified Financial Planner and best-selling author of “Retire Reset” Nahum Daniels stresses the importance of saving safely for retirement and not being overly dependent on public programs that tend to be underfunded and over-promised.  Nest egg is most important retirement asset.  We need a mind set that focuses on protecting and nurturing it.

Tax Payment Tips for a Year in Transition

Certified Financial Planner and best-selling author Nahum Daniels reviews income tax filing tips for 2017 that will change in 2018 when the Trump Tax Regime takes full effect. Maximize deductions for ’17; steel yourself for big changes in the deductibility of State and local taxes, real estate taxes and mortgage interest in high-tax states like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Hidden Retirement Risks, Unlock Your Wealth Radio, 2.16.18

Nahum Daniels discusses the key retirement risks not sufficiently explored by investment-trained advisors who focus only on returns from stocks, bonds and cash. Risks include unprecedented retiree longevity, inflationary losses of purchasing power, demographic drag, market volatility and investment losses and, above all, adverse sequence of returns that can undermine lifestyle sustainability. Social security should be seen as supplemental to the nest egg. Nest egg is ascendant. Pensions are secondary. Viability of social security is questionable. Protect retirement lifestyle. Cultivate a positive retirement psychology.